Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks to a Truly Passionate Teacher

Culturatti Kids recently provided an author visit to the Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center in Indianapolis, IN. Teacher, Shae Young requested authors, Erika Roman Saint Pierre and Barbara Randall, of the book, Locked In, for the visit. The subject of the presentation was domestic violence. The authors spoke to approximately 50 students and gave them advice on writing about painful or difficult subjects.

During their visit to Lynhurst, Culturatti Kids learned about the innovative writing club founded by Mrs. Young called True Passions. The students are not just given conventional writing assignments but learn about the life and works of contemporary poets, authors and rappers. Members of True Passions are encouraged to express their deepest emotions through freestyle poetry and spoken word. Mrs. Young also publishes the work of her students online and in an annual anthology. For more information on True Passions, visit their website at:

Culturatti Kids would like to thank Shae Young for being such an inspirational teacher and for her commitment to making literary art fresh for young writers.

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