Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hoppa's Fans Earn Free Books for Their Favorite School!

Which School Will Win?
Hoppa, from the new book by Erika Roman Saint-Pierre, "Hoppa's Big Move,"  is sending out a challenge to all of her fans. She is running a contest to see which school loves literacy the most. Everyone that becomes a fan of Hoppa's Big Move on Facebook can submit a school of their choice. The school that gets the most votes will win:
  •  A collection of books published by Culturatti Ink 
  • A new computer
  • $200 donation to the school library or media center
  • A visit from the author of "Hoppa's Big Move," Erika Roman Saint-Pierre

April 15th.

Visit the Hoppa's Big Move on Facebook fan page to see the up-to-date scores

One Last Thing
For every copy of Hoppa's Big Move purchased from now through April 15th, we'll donate another copy to a child in need. How cool is that?

So, tell all your friends, your child’s teacher, everyone you can think of and let's see which school loves literacy the most!!!

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