Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CK's Vision

Every organization needs a vision.

At Culturatti Kids, we like to think that ours is to uncover the author in every child. There is a literary voice inside every child that deserves to be heard. Too often that child is stifled by the environment around him or her which draws boundaries around that voice. At Culturatti Kids, we want to hear that voice. We want every child to know it exists inside. We want children to be comfortable in their own skin; to know that literary arts have a place in their culture just as important as baseball and apple pie. And we want to hear that voice! Don't you know a child whose voice deserves to be heard?

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Photo Credit: Dear Santa by Carf


  1. this is totally true.if only everyone would let their child be heard..... but not everyone out there is as kind hearted as the rest of us. i cant wait to see how we do in july. do you think we could get on sooner?

  2. Hi Haley!

    No, July is the soonest that we can get back to Spencer. We sure do appreciate your help! Can't wait to see you at the next event! Hope you are enjoying your summer.