Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter Follow Friday

If you don't know by now (and you really should), Culturatti Kids is on Twitter, tweeting away about literacy in 140 characters or less! For those of you who are on Twitter you know that Friday is #FollowFriday where people recommend fellow Tweeps for others to follow. Well, we here at Culturatti Kids want to make #FollowFriday special and more meaningful because here's the real deal -

We would recommend everyone we follow if we could because we've checked out every profile and try to build conversation with everyone!

So, here's how our #FollowFriday works. Culturatti Kids will pick one (yes only one, but that makes you special!) Tweep to profile each week on Friday. Its not just going to be a "Follow this person" type post, but a heartfelt, researched "We love this person, this is why, and we hope you love them too!"

So that's the deal! Hopefully you'll look forward to reading our reasons and find some really cool and interesting people at the same time.

PS If you don't follow us on Twitter already check us out! I promise you'll love it!

Photo Credit:
Twitter bird logo icon illustration by Matt Hamm Under Creative Commons License

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