Monday, June 15, 2009

If you only had $2 to give, would it make a difference?

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***Update 17 June 2009***
Dani has received such an overwhelming response to her project that she has established a dedicated blog for it here!

Would such a small amount really make that much of an impact in the world? Culturatti Kids was recently asked that question by Dani over at Orange Salad and Pecan Dressing. This summer throughout Chicago, she is leaving envelopes with $2 and a note asking people to let her know what they've done with the money. She's already got some wonderful responses that we highly suggest that you check out at her blog and it got us to thinking:

What would $2 mean to Culturatti Kids and supporting literacy?

$2 would buy...
  • 64 crayons so that kids could illustrate their own stories
  • 400 index cards for kids take notes on books they are reading, use as bookmarks, write down their favorite book to give to another student, etc.
  • 2 songs on iTunes that can be licensed on 5 computers to teach youth about poetry, lyric writing, and creative storytelling
  • 6 pocket folders for youth store their writing work
  • 2 1-subject notebooks to keep as writing journals
  • 50 sheets of 11x8-1/2 storytelling paper (blank on top for pictures, lined on the bottom for the story and fold-able to make a book!)
  • 3 black and white composition books
  • 200 sheets of notebook filler paper for writing of course!
  • 100 sheets of copy paper for youth to make their own story books
  • 36 #2 pencils because most great books started pencil to paper
  • 4 1st class stamps so students can learn the lost art of letter writing
  • 1 Teddy Bear that can become the traveling mascot of Culturatti Kids with each classroom he visits adding something to his story
  • 30 blank bookmarks that kids can design themselves
  • 2 used posters to prompt kids how "A picture is worth 1,000 words"
  • 2 cans of coffee to use as time capsules in which students put stories based on how they see the future
  • 20 used books at the Salvation Army
  • 2 copies of USA today to teach students about journalism
  • 1 cup of coffee for a WWII vet who volunteered his time to speak to a class of students who then write his story
When you really think about it, $2 can go a long way in changing someone's life! What would $2 mean to you?

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