Friday, June 26, 2009

Why You Should Follow...

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**Update** I originally posted this on June 26th but I wanted to revisit it today (August 21st) as the Everybody Wins online auction is currently going on and I wanted to give them a plug! To check it go here, and bit on some of their items!**

I think their logo pretty much says it all =), but their website says even more! "One mentor, one child, one book at a time" How simple! But we all know how profound an impact one person, one book can have. In fact, why don't you take a quick moment to think about that one person or book that instilled a love of reading in you.

I'll wait.

Got it? Now just imagine you never got that. Everybody Wins works to make sure that every child gets a chance to enjoy books and build a lifetime of reading.

To find out more, please stop by their website, say hello to them on Twitter, and help spread the word that with literacy - Everybody Wins!

So who was it? Tell us who it was that instilled the joy of reading in you? What was the book whose cover was worn with love?

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  1. For me, the person that had a huge literacy impact in my life was my Senior British Literature teacher. I'd always had a love of reading, but she opened me up to a whole different level of books and helped me see them in a deeper way.

    My book- My well worn copy of Black Beauty from my grandmother =)